Episode 7 – Facing What Consumes You

L – A fine show for a fine fall day.

Lamentor, Kickass and Cracker join forces to record another 1 hour epsisode.

What’s that you say? The episode is a month old and just posted?

Yeah, Lamentor is slow. But, Lamentor also spends HOURS per day in efforts as a “job creator” to create real & sustainable GREEN jobs.

So back off PUNK! Back off and listen!

Compare this to Corporate America who call themselves “job creators” while they continue to lay off employees. How are you a “job creator” when you destroy jobs?

Corporate America wants you to buy their products, but they won’t hire you?

America land of the broken

What ya mean my resume is lacking? I paid for your bailout bitch!

Intro Song: Hatebreed – Facing What Consumes You

Topics: Tony Baloney the cowardly women macer (give him a call) and a look at Occupy Wall Street, Jamie “The Demon” Dimon CEO of JP Morgan Chase bank purchases the NYPD, TV SUCKS, smelly tattoo artists, disgusting reality shows.

Alcohol: Elijah Craig 8 Year Bourbon…. FUCK YEAH

8 Years of TASTY

Cracker compares Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale to Shock Top Pumpkin.

GOTO the MOVE YOUR MONEY PROJECT and TAKE ACTION! (Don’t listen to the drunken rambling in the podcast about the links, we get it wrong)

1:10 of anger and comedy.

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Flag in Distress… A Patriot’s View

L – In our Episode 5 audio podcast, we discussed flying the USA flag outside of our homes.

Kickass explained very clearly “why” he flies his flag. He flies the flag to honor the country he once knew, one that no longer exists.

So in the midst of corruption in all 3 levels of government, corruption in Wall Street that the government allows to happen, and the American standard of living being destroyed by Federal Reserve and Wall Street policies, the LaSPodcast flies the US flag in distress!

A nation in distress

Title 36, U.S.C., Chapter 10
As amended by P.L. 344, 94th Congress
Approved July 7, 1976

§ 176. Respect for flag: No disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America; the flag should not be dipped to any person or thing. Regimental colors, State flags, and organization or institutional flags are to be dipped as a mark of honor.

(a) The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

So to those who say flying the US flag upside down is “anti-American”, STFU.

More worthy examples of using the American flag improperly? When used in political attack ads. When used for profit when used in commercials. The list goes on.

Besides for many working class Americans, because of the aforementioned corrupt government and financial entities, the danger to life and property persists to this day.

Lost your house? The government made sure the bank profited

While Wall St continues to live high on the hog at the working class and senior citizens expense, it puts life and property in danger now, and in the future.

The American Dream circa 2011

We look forward to the day when justice is properly served, financial terrorists are “taken out” and jailed, and the future and prosperity of the American nation falls back into the hands of the people, NOT the banks. Then we can right the flag and be proud.

Until then? The flag flies in distress…

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The Dream of the “boy with no face”

Imagine a contemporary graveyard, square, scattered with upright and flat headstones. Green manicured grass and giant oaks with their arms spread out shade the entire spread of the cemetery.

The large graveyard is dimly lit, surrounded by a pink brick security wall. Inside the brick walls are the remnants of a rusty black iron fence that once formed the cemeteries boundary.

The time is near dusk, the amber remnants of the sun blanket the horizon. The sound of children laughing and playing echo inside the walls as I walk through the entrance of the large iron gate and enter the graveyard.

I see a community gathering of some sort, not a funeral, but more like a memorial. Families are grouped together, sitting in lawn chairs around the graves. Gossiping and laughing. No candles, no lights, no flowers, no crying, just people sitting around.

Elementary school aged kids are running and playing throughout the entire graveyard. Stepping and rolling around graves, soccer balls and footballs bouncing off trees. Hide and seek behind headstones. No one chastises them for stepping on headstones or for causing a ruckus in what’s supposed to be a place of rest. It is a festive scene. One boy trips and rolls over 3 groundstones, gets up laughing and runs off into the shadows.

As my family gathers and sits down in their chairs, my 1 year old nephew walks off away from our group, and towards the darkness of an empty part of the cemetery. I get up to retrieve him and suddenly lose sight of him. In a slight panic I call out to him, asking the sparse kid who would run by if he saw the toddler. No one responds.

I find myself at the end of the cemetery standing at a large iron gate that was once a side entrance. I open the creaky gate to look between the two foot space between the brick wall and the fence. As I peek my head in I see the space has been filled with loose dirt. Near the corner of the brick wall I see a young boy, probably 5 years old, sitting with his back towards me.

He’s sitting on a small mound of dirt in complete silence.

In a concerned voice I ask, “Little boy, are you lost?”

In a split second he turns around. His eyes and mouth are gone, as if they were removed and the flesh healed over. He says nothing but his cold stare had me flinch back into the cemetery. I close the iron gate and a giant lump fills my throat. I can’t talk or yell. As I turn my back against the iron fence to run away, my legs stiffen up and I can barely move and my fear quadruples. My shoes became as heavy as cement blocks. I look around and no one is near me. I can hear the intelligible chatter of people who I can’t see. Close enough to hear, but far away enough not to help me.

He's standing outside your door

As I stood frozen in fear, I could still feel the boy sitting on the mound of dirt. Sitting there staring at the empty wall of bricks. Away, far away as he could be from the living children who played and danced in the cemetery. I knew he was there, I knew if I was able to, I could go back and peek and he’d still be sitting there motionless.

In a bizarre scene only seen in dreams, a car pulls up towards me, the window rolls down and my dream ends.

I have to admit, of all the weird dreams I’ve had in my 30 plus years here, this one has to be the worst. Even though the sun is out, the birds are singing, I can almost feel this kid hiding in the shadows and dark corners wherever I go. For the first time that I can remember, I actually know what a ‘cold chill running through my spine’ feels like. And I’m not only awake, but quite sober (for now).

In retrospect, I think that this young boy I saw was a ghost who took on the image of a young boy, but could not image a living face. Why was he hiding? Was he waiting for someone? A lost spirit stuck between the living and the dead world in a painful faceless existence? Unable to join rest of the living because he’d forever be unable to walk among us because he wears the faceless mark of the dead? So he hides? A cursed and lonely existence in a purgatory of sorts? Why did I have to see that shit?

Maybe it has something to do with the Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale I had the night before, which while somewhat palatable, didn’t sit well in my stomach. 12 hours later and I can still taste it.

Someone once said “creepy kids are the worst”. I agree.

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Episode 6: Full Court

L – The crew is back (temporarily). Killor Mike joins us at the Butcher’s Table for a sit around.

We discuss Occupy Wall St, senior citizens, alcohol and the usual bull. Take an hour of your miserable life to listen in:

Intro Music: Metallica – Disposable Heroes

The Good Metallica era

Alcohol: Slow weekend for alcohol. A 30 year old bottle of Presidente shared between Lamentor and Kickass. Cracker drinks the hangover potion of Newcastle, and Killor abstains.

Other Topics: Cracker and Kikass hear a ghostly voice that is not picked up in the recording, Paranormal Witness Syfy show review, paranormal events, mediums/clairvoyants/mystics.

Killor talks Edgar Cayce.

I foresee.... Obama wins a 2nd term

Cracker corroborates Coral Castle. Stupid smart phones. Local UFO sighting… And on and on…

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Episode 5: Back to the Butcher’s Table

L – Well, summer is over, we took a long ass break since our last recording. It’s just too hot to sit around in the Hall of Injustice and record with no A/C.

Episode 5 in the house. 1 hour of shit talking, Cracker Madness, and angry patriots with an endless supply of booze.

Click play to  listen:

Intro Song: Bad Religion – Man with a Mission

That’s right, we are on a mission. To where? We haven’t figured it out yet.

Our first show since late spring. We talk current events, we rant, and we uncover new forms of patriot acts. Flying the USA flag upside down… what exactly does it mean?


Free government paid cell phones while the country is broke?

Yo homey, call yo momma

False flags, WWII, Propaganda, cops and firefighters… overpaid heroes? Sex freaks raping taxpayer dollars?!

Penal Code

Ignore the ruling class and their goons.

Self fucking expression. Try it. Don’t be afraid dammit.

Alcohol: More of Shock Top Belgian Wheat ale

Outro: NoFX – Irrationality of Rationality

Dedicated to the irrational emotion of 9/11 when we’ve had 10 years to become rational about the event.

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Week in Review… Sept. 2, 2011

L – Another wild week here in the states. Hurricane Irene fades away, but we sit and watch Hurricane Katia and Tropical Storm Lee form and travel towards land. Beer review postponed for the next audio podcast.

Today, the gov’t releases ugly employment numbers and the stock markets sink. According to statistics, black (african-american) unemployment is at record highs. ZERO jobs were created in the month of August. Will we hit negative numbers soon?

So here’s a list of events during the week that have Lamentor cackling away:

  • The Earth continues moving: Popocatepetl (Mexico), Cleveland Volcano Dome (Alaska, USA) and Aetna (Italy) smoke and sputter. Earthquake/tsunami in Aleutian Islands, and a 6.4 quake in northern Argentina… all in 1 week.
  • Gibson Guitars gets raided by the Feds, including the Department of Fish and Game… (?)
  • ex VP Dick Cheney releases his autobiography claiming it’s going to make “heads explode”. Watch this Fox news clip on how he shot his own pal!!
  • Anonymous movement announces “Occupy Wall Street” operation
  • WikiLeaks releases 6 Gigabytes worth of classified cables
  • MSM fails to cover White House protests over Keystone Tarsands pipeline scheduled to run over a giant midwest aquifer. Over 600 arrested including Hollywood activists.
  • New WikiLeaks cables including information on how we sold guns to Mexican cartels through Project Gunrunner and “Fast and Furious” ATF operations. WikiLeaks site ‘hacked’ by hackers who side with those who wish to limit and manipulate freedom of information and true journalism.
  • Violence in drug war Mexico: More mass graves, decapitated bodies, and publicly displayed corpses. In the meanwhile, “wealthy” Mexican citizens flee the war in droves and end up in affluent and gated US neighborhoods.
  • General Petraeus leaves the military to run the CIA despite 2 wars (1 being the longest the USA has ever partaken in), 1 occupation, and countless forms of presence around the world. Mission Accomplished or get out before the shit hits the fan?
  • The U.S. sues giant Wall St banks… give em the chair!

Some strange local news…

  • Ex Laker Javaris Crittenton arrested for performing a drive by killing an innocent mother
  • Man throws son overboard a boat because he wouldn’t stop crying
  • A fugitive Cal State University professor is on the run after his milquetoast house is raided and he is found to be the leader of the local Devil’s Disciples motorcycle club as well as leader of a meth ring.
  • Snakes in yo muthafuggen pants!
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Week in Review… Aug. 19, 2011

L – Another roller coaster week, another week of ANGER RISING.

Local news: mild southern CA summer continues (I don’t think we’ve broken over 105F yet.) I’m starting to see more and more “For Sale” signs on homes in this area, as sleazy banks SLOWLY begin to release foreclosures into the market.

Liquid wood in a glass

The ALCOHOL: Hangar 24 Orange Wheat

A locally brewed Wheat Ale which supposedly uses oranges grown in local groves. Which is surprising because local governments and developers have spent the last few decades turning the areas Orange groves into a giant slab of concrete saturated with cookie cutter, overpriced, McMansions.

This beer, out of the bottle, is disappointing at best. Compared to spicy citrus flavors of Shock Top, you soon become over run with a bark-like flavor. Even if you follow wheat ale routine (pour 3/4 into pint glass, swirl bottle, quickly pour remaining 1/4) the bark taste does not dilute.

HOWEVER: If you are local to southern CA and wish to try this ale in its true form, take a ride to the brewery where you can taste the ale right out of it’s vat. Here you will get the crisp citrus taste that rivals Shock Top. Unfortunately, you have to scramble with the locals, whose Hangar 24 dress code consists of sloppy t-shirts, cargo shorts, and flip flops. Not to mention the rude workers and management. No thanks.

So, Shock Top “Belgium White” vs. Hangar 24 “Orange Wheat, the winner is Shock Top. Hands down.

Economics: The bankster sleaze continues. Clandestine Bank of America foot soldiers assure Rick Perry that they have his back. Goldman Sachs VP changes his name, then goes to work for Congressman Darryl Issa (R-CA) making sure Issa’s policies FAVOR Goldman Sachs.

Matt Taibbi, of Rolling Stone, puts out a scathing article on how the SEC has shredded investigation documents that would put white collar criminals into the slammer. Lady Justice eh? Thanks to Taibbi for investigative journalism.

Environment: A blogger who has been following the Gulf Oil spill (remember that?) says the sea floor may be cracking and bleeding oil again. Another example of investigative journalism that the MSM continue to ignore.

Bird: "You enjoying that gas guzzling SUV asshole?!"

Politics: The mainstream media, as well as the Republican Party, brushes off Ron Paul (who predicted our current economic problems years ago,) not only mocking him, but refusing to cover his campaign. His constituents are grass root based, and growing, which should help offset the existing power cabal that are trying to suppress him.

Otherwise, and you can quote Lamentor on this one: FUCK DEMOCRATS, FUCK REPUBLICANS. Two sides of the same coin.

America land of the broken

Right finger for the Repubs, Left finger for the Dems. INDEPENDENT VOTER BITCHEZ!

Odd News: An unemployed, Arizona mother of two decides to go on an eating spree on her way to hunker down to a rotund 1,000 lbs of girth. What more is there to say?

Some top headlines from Yahoo news…

Kim Kardashian “royal” wedding

Kat Von D and Jesse James are back together

FFS Who Fucking Cares about these clowns? Nobodies. The MSM is such a large part of the problems this country faces.

And, my favorite… Wall Street sinks for fourth straight week.

I Gotz Your 401k Money In My Pockets Now Biatches!

– L

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