About the podcast

A weekly audio and video podcast by an unfortunate lot of souls whose paths will converge on a day soon to be portend by random divinity.

Lamentor: Gravestones, malt liquor, and key-holder to the egress of the Hall of Injustice

Knowledge base: Podcast host and recording, Native American history, audio and video editing, ghost hunting, and motorcycles


Killor: Gunpowder, peddler of bottled death, nocturnal

Knowledge base: Guns, ammo, heavy metal, Suburban threat


Kikas: Tamer of hell hound, drinker of gin spirits, arsenal

Knowledge Base: Guns, ammo, WWII, zombies



Krakor: Iberian spirits, nicotine pouches, retriever of wines, Ford Fungus, espanol

Knowledge Base: Cars, death metal, cigars



Minor Associates





El Guapo




The Lost Viking




Johnny China



The Mighty Selbor


Cranior – Illumination and motivation



and whoever else may send messages of good will or messages of war, or those who wail loudly upon the oak doors of the Hall of Injustice in search of shelter and drink.

… we will all meet soon, and hope you join us…


3 Responses to About the podcast

  1. DB says:

    Hey Lamentor,

    I’m sitting here reading your posting on Hanar 24 Orange Wheat among other things. I sure hope you didn’t buy that stuff at Stater Brothers where you would pay 17.99 for a 12pack, making it the most expensive 12’er I’ve ever seen. I think it tastes ok out of the bottle, about the same as a Shock Top in my opinion. Price alone would lead me to buy the Shock Top. Just sending you a message to let you know that someone is reading this (and sadly enough on his birthday at that.) I’m drinking Newcastles today and perhaps some cheap Merlot seeing that I am France and all of that.


    • lamentor says:

      Shit, Stater’s price is a steal compared to what a 6 pack costs at the corner liqa’ sto’


      Flashback to paying 2 bucks a beer at “tha Rocks Club” or “the METRO Club.” Went to a club last month that was charging 200 bucks/bottle of Grey Goose Vodka and seating in the VIP section (next to a giant DJ speaker.) Suddenly, that 12 pack of Hangar doesn’t seem like such a bad deal (until I drink it and my spleen retaliates in anger.)

      Thanks for reading dawg, and happy belated b-day. I don’t think anyone in the group of fools has celebrated a b-day in quite a few years. Enjoy the Merlot and may it nurture French influenced pontifications on Democracy, Independence, and Freedom like we learned about in U.S. History class.


  2. Sgt. KiKKass says:

    Perhaps he should bring some of that Gnome beer he told me about. When the day comes, I shall be grateful to sample the Brew o’ the Gnomes. And by chance, some mushrooms will sprout at The Butcher’s Table, or from Krakor’s ears.

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