Sasquatch Surprise

Don’t you hate it when you are driving down the highway and Sasquatch makes side view mirror eye contact with you as he is chasing a deer down the lane next to you?

You do? Oh, me too!

What do you do when the deer suddenly makes a surprise suicidal sideswipe onto your front bumper and he put’s himself out of misery instead of facing the ravaging of Sasquatch’s gamey hands?

You tell the Sheriff that Sasquatch distracted you and caused you to hit the deer.


But not to knock the driver, I believe there is a “bigfoot” out there, I also believe the majority of the world lies under a large veil of deception.

If she’s lying…. “if she’s guilty, she’s….”

If she’s telling the truth, then this guy who looks to be a gorilla costume navigating scraggly rocks with an upright posture (huh?) is really part of, or the last of, an ancient world roaming species, is more than welcome to come to me in peace, so that we may understand his presence and the gap that exists between his world and ours.

Leave Sasquatch alone!

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