The moon and the star… and the dogs

Just a regular Thanksgiving night followed by some beer drinking at a relative’s house while we discuss Revelation and the current state of Christianity inside of a makeshift man cave converted garage.

During the conversation I bring up a symbol I thought peculiar to be seen on a commercial business logo, a business that supposedly catered to children. It was the crescent moon and the single star combination. I spent about 6 hours the previous night (Thanksgiving eve?) looking into a very sick and bizarre topic that was quickly growing legs on the internet. This particular business whose logo include the crescent moon and star is part of a greater mystery that I wish not to get into at this time. HOWEVER, surrounding the issue is the occult, more specifically a demon god with a particular affinity for a certain type of sacrifice and offering. Veiled in code words and food symbolism, I hope this issue is resolved by the time anyone of any significance reads this post. Anyways, again, I thought it odd that this pizza parlor logo included a symbol, repeated 4 times, that I’ve seen tied to the occult.

Back to my relatives garage…. The witching hour approaches, our eyes heavy from the late hour and the stack of empty beer cans, I hop on my bike to make my 1 mile ride home through the side streets of my town. I pedal away with no sound to accompany me except the gentle hum of my beach cruiser’s rubber tires on the smooth asphalt streets. It had been windy earlier but the wind died down so I anticipate a normal, but cold, ride home. I’ve been spending a lot of time riding my bike at night. It’s sort of relaxing and peaceful being able to travel the streets without the insane traffic of a normal workday.

As I pedal down La Cadena Drive I look to my left and through the tree line I see a familiar sight: the waxing moon crescent, looking as if it was a balanced parallel to the earth. Right above it, a bright planet star, both shining through the leaves following me along, their light bright enough to hide nearby stars, so that they seem alone in their own little space in the sky. Suddenly I realize the very moon/star image I was discussing earlier and researching the previous day is now sitting in the night time sky. What are the odds…

I turn west and now the moon scene is at my back. The dead silence in the streets is heavy, I feel as if all life is frozen in a paralyzed state, except me zipping home. My breathing becomes heavier as I pedal up the constant incline that will lead me to my home. About halfway home I slow down and stop to remove my cell phone to check the time. It is just after 3:30am, and I realize that at 3:33am, my personal witching time (TBDiscussed later), I will be alone in the streets when that time hits.

Two more blocks to go. Is there some sort of meaning of me researching this crescent moon/star combo the previous night, finding in it nefarious meanings reaching out to the occult and satanism, and me discussing and seeing the exact configuration in the sky the next night during the witching hour and minutes from my particular witching time?

Thoughts of what could happen next fill my mind… will I come across a strange visitor in the night, the devil or a demon in the form of a human who will cross my path? Will I see a sign or a vision telling me it’s not all a coincidence? Will I be meeting my death by crossing paths with a car that comes out of nowhere when the clock strikes 3:33? I rarely EVER stay up this late and if I do, I rarely venture outside. This had to be a non-coincidence.

One more block to go, I pedal faster as the incline increases, and I’m sure I’ve passed the 3:33 mark but I’m not about to slow down and stop to check, I’m on a roll. My adrenaline begins to surge and I pedal even more faster, my alcohol thinned blood coursing through my body as my lungs breathe in sharp cold air to their capacity. Being a distance runner I always save my energy for the final surge and this time is no different, I’m at full speed. Suddenly I hear growling and as I look to my right I see an open fenced gate and hear the noise of claws digging into the concrete driveway rapidly

I look down and behind me and there are three dogs, one white, one black, and one golden tan. The tan one is growling viciously while sprinting towards my rear tire quickly taking the dog lead. My speed gave me an advantage once they decided to charge, but they were all quickly gaining ground. The white dog had curly hair, and his sprinting gallop made him look like he was more about enjoying the chase rather than trying to kill me. The black dog trailed behind him, as if he was just about following the lead of the white dog. Another glance at the white dog and his curly tail seemed to be wagging as if he was having fun. But the tan one, he was intent on the kill.

His guttural growl was like nothing I’ve heard from a dog before, as if it was coming from deep within his bowels. I could see his teeth baring preparing the bite surge as he got closer to my legs. Funny, I don’t ever remember seeing these dogs on this street, which I pass through on my bike or on my runs multiple times a week. Now I’m pedaling this one speed bike as fast as I can as the road incline continued to increase. Suddenly the brown demon sprints past me, now he’s even with the front of my bike and I can see him inching towards my bike and my leg, as if he was preparing to turn his body and put himself in direct contact with my ankle. I’ve been chased by dog’s many times, but this is the first time I’ve seen a dog pass me intentionally. The others attain their speed to nip at my rear tire or my ankle, never passing that point.

Suddenly his growling stops and I realize he is now focusing all his energy on the bite. He jerks his head sideways to gauge his bite potential. I swerve to the left and he swerves. I begin to swerve left and right but I run out of room as the narrow street was full of cars parked on both sides of the curb. I lost him for a few seconds with the swerve but he charges past me again in another attempt. I pass the corner house, a house with two giant and paranoid german shepherds who always huddle next to the chain link gate, and who when I usually pass the house, erupt in a loud series of barks that sound like they echoed from the bottom of hell. I can see that we are going so fast that the german shepherds didn’t even notice us as they lay flat on the ground, not even raising a head to see what was going on.

The street ends as I swing to the left onto my street and up another incline. I’ve gained a few feet on him thanks to the turn and he begins to slow down realizing he does not know where he is at. He disappears behind me and I reach my gate after about 50 feet. I figure he has turned back around to admit defeat and return home as I am once again met with the night time silence of the witching hour, no clattering claws, growls or barks.

I open my gate and in a flash I hear the claws digging into the asphalt again. I can not see the street level because of all the cars parked next to the curb. The growling gets closer and before I can close my gate and secure my safety I see all three dogs once again grouped together and sprinting towards me. It seems the two slow dogs finally caught up with the brown one and the decided on a second charge. They are sprinting so fast they actually pass me, stop, and then charge as they maneuver between my car and truck. This time they all charge at once from different spots. I am not yet behind my gate so I grab my beach cruiser, raise it high into the air and act as if I’m going to slam it down on them. The brown dog lurches back, growling intensely, and the other two dart away from me but keep constant eye contact. I take a step forward, pounding my boot on the sidewalk and raise the bike again and this time growl back at them. Now my bike is a shield that I could easily wack them with if they decide to attack. They regroup and sprint off down the street, and disappear into the night as they make the right hand turn onto their home street. As they turn the corner I can almost see the white curly dog jump playfully onto the tan one. They once again pass the german shepherd guard dogs and this time they must have heard their hunting brethren run by as they bark loudly into the night at the commotion.

I go to my backyard and take a digital picture of the symbol that on the night of Thanksgiving, 2016, during the witching hour, manifested itself to me in the sky. I use my star app to identify the single bright star as Jupiter. I get very slight deja vu that I had heard someone mention this particular moon/star combo appearing at some point but I can’t recall if they attributed any meaning to it. The german shepherds are barking so loud from down the street it sounds like they would drown out the sound of someone approaching me from the shadows, so I venture back inside. An odd feeling that I would look outside to my front yard and see three people standing in the street outside my houseĀ  overcame me, so I blocked the urge to peek through my curtains, which I have a bad habit of doing at night.

I fish through my notes and find my earlier reference to the crescent moon/star combination in the occult. It is found on the well known drawing of the goat/man figure Baphomet, the white crescent moon hovering above his right hand and the star on his forehead. It is also found on certain flags of Islam and strangely I seem to recall similar marking on ‘wizard’ hats I remember seeing from Disney cartoons as well from a local library that used to have educational events for kids, run by a ‘wizard’ with pointy hat filled with crescent moons and stars. Beyond Baphomet, anything nefarious?

4:34 am I go outside in my backyard to see if anything has changed with the sky. I can hear dogs barking off in the distance as I once again point my star app into the sky. I hear roosters in the distance as well. Not feeling comfortable with what could be outside with me in the night, I stand about 3 feet outside of my open door ready to sprint back inside. As I configure the star app I hear the rooster crow again, this time it sounded like a cock a doodle doo mixed with an evil laugh and it came from a different area than the first set of crows. I look into the pitch black darkness that my fruit trees cast as they block any street lights from lighting my yard and a cold chill runs down my spine. I head back inside and call it a night.

I record this in the case I can make some sense of it all in the future.



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