Patriotic Rise from the dusty and rancid ashes

Holy shit it’s been 5 years. So much has gone on since the last LaS podcast and blog post. The podcast has gone the way of American sanity (vaporized), and I cough from the dust and decay of the LaS show in general as I struggle to find my login password for WordPress. In a matter of seconds of re-discovering this blog I instantly flash back to the alcohol soaked days of the past. Hangovers begone.

LaS (pronounced L, A, S, not lass) was borne of the terrors of Lamentor’s lay off from a well paying yet completely unfulfilling job in America’s dying (if not already dead) manufacturing industry, his penchant for fine and un-fine liquor store alcohols, Wall Street’s successful capture of the U.S. government and economy, as well as the presence of Lamentor’s associates who bothered him on weekends, who were immediately forced to contribute their vapid and nicotine charred thoughts to the podcast. Occupy Wall Street (which we supported at the time until it became compromised) fizzled away and the banks looted and stole from the Treasury and YOU the fucking American taxpayer, and they got away with it with a smile on their face. The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet shot into the Trillions (giving the illusion the economy recovered.)

Many of the same names (Blankfein, Dimon, et al) mentioned in those days are still around, still profiting off of the backs of the American worker, still being worshiped by the stock market, and still NOT rotting in a fucking Turkish jail cell with other terrorists where they belong.

The vocal podcast members have since gone their separate ways. One member now sails the seven Spanish seas incinerating septic cords of nicotine delight seeking enlightenment and purpose, all the while owning, crashing, and burning up Ford brand jalopies as sacrifices to Molech, knowing full well he should have retained his Chevy C1500 chariot to fight off the demon horde. Another contributor has bore offspring, raising barn and pistols into the air, successfully securing employment forming tins and other earthly metals in the accordance with the will of mighty Azazel of the fallen ones. Another has found purpose chasing millennial pasty vixen sprites and wastewater runoff violations into the drains of depravity and sadness hoping Armaros the fallen one will soon remove his curse. And the most obvious of the salty lot has found granule sands of solace, in the company of drunken Bacchus, drowning in seas of the spirits of malt and barley while searching for the best and latest in Swedish Death Metal on YouTube.

In the spirit and soul of the original LaS podcast and mission, here is the updated Fuck You list for 2016:



  • Fuck the Establishment
  • Fuck Globalism
  • Fuck Wall Street
  • Fuck and END the Federal Reserve
  • Fuck the New World Order
  • Fuck your inbred bloodlines
  • Fuck the Clinton/Bush establishment
  • Fuck MENA intervention
  • Fuck foreign and domestic Lobbyists
  • Fuck the Mainstream Media (CNN, Fox, CNBC, MSNBC, etc.)
  • Fuck government corruption
  • Secure America’s fucking borders
  • Fuck the NSA
  • Fuck the TSA
  • Fuck fear of the Government, they are our Public Servants
  • Fuck foreign occupations, Congress Declare War or Get the FUCK OUT
  • Fuck you sappy snowflakes and those you have programmed you

Here’s the long live list:

  • Long live Freedom
  • Long live the USA as a Constitutional Republic based on Democratic principles
  • Long live the rule of Law, enforce it or fuck off
  • Long live peace among the incompatible as we strive to mend our differences
  • Long live the Constitution, free speech, right to bear arms, freedom of the press and religion
  • Long live the USA
  • Long live the Free Press and the Independent Media
  • Long live hot chicks

If I ‘triggered’ any fucking snowflake with the above list: GOOD. I laugh at your trembling tears as they water the dry ground this country was based on.

Re-evaluate your knowledge base and sources. Waving the American flag shouldn’t be a ‘trigger’ event, nor should the chant of “USA, USA!”If it is, you did something wrong and you should fucking fix it. It’s not up to me and I shouldn’t have to pay for it. Follow the fucking rules. If you decide not to, prepare to live in a land where you will be singled out and no more protected by the Obamas and the liberals poisoning this nation.

LaS Lamentor got triggered into returning to blog posts. I’m just getting started mother fuckers.

I’ve got shit I never even thought of 5 years ago: bible prophecies, aliens, flying saucers, dreams (well more to contribute), telepathy, fallen angels, visions, numerology. I’ve decided LaS will be my outlet for it all. If I can get the ashy stank remnants of the LaS Podcast crew we might just put some audio together but that’s doubtful considering we all despise our own company and our fluoride soaked brains have made us pretty much incompatible, unintelligible, incomprehensible (and hopefully not incontinent).

Stay and Strive FREE MotherFuckers, say it LOUD and FREE.


The eagle still flies







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