Need dream interpreted…

L – (5 years ago in 2010/11 I wrote this. I publish it now as it has been sitting in the Draft box and I completely forgot about this dream) In episode 3 we talked about some of the weird dreams we have experienced, recurring or not, including getting shot by taxi drivers and planes falling out of the sky.

So I got another one that gave me the chills when I woke up this morning. Cue dream time…

My family is visiting my brother at his home in Mississippi. His wife drove out with us to see him (which means she was staying with us in California, see how this make no sense already). The house he is staying in and we are visiting is about two blocks from his wife’s house. (In reality, they own only one house.)

The first night we are there I sleep in a bedroom that turns out to be my old bedroom at my parent’s house (transported 3,000 miles away somehow). As I’m laying in bed to sleep I see a spider on the wall, about the size of a black widow but more like a wolf spider. It crawls up its web which reaches to the corner of the room. As it moves up the web I notice there are tiny baby spiders all around it crawling around. Eventually they circle the spider and begin to spin around it, as if they were orbiting it.

I then hear a voice say “Hurry up and come, or you are going to be late”. It was a voice that seemed to be coming from inside my closet. I turn my head to focus and hear it again, this time it’s louder but it sounds like an electronic recording. I get up and stare at the closet, I hear the recording again, emotionless and cold “Hurry up and come, or you are going to be late”. I try to speak but I can’t, nothing is coming out of my mouth, my vocal chords are frozen. I slide open the closet door.

The voice stops midway through its sentence, as if it heard me open the door. Silence. There is nothing in the closet and I began to paralyze in fear. I know its there but I can’t see it. I try to speak again but find that this time my mouth is full of what feels like peanut butter. I mutter the words “Who are you” but they are muffled. I reach into my mouth and pull out a giant gob of what seems to be paste and try again.

“Who are you” I voiced louder but still muffled. I get a response in the cold electronic voice…


I pull another gob of paste out of my mouth and utter more clearly “WHO ARE YOU!” my voice still raspy as I can feel my vocal chords tighten keeping me from speaking loudly.

Response: “Uh…”

In a strange dream/reality revelation, I realized (in my dream) that I was dreaming. However, in my dream state, I realized that what I had heard in my dream was actually occurring in my real bedroom as I slept. I could not wake up and so my dream continued…

In a completely frightened panic I rush out of my dream bedroom and run out to tell my family. They are no where to be found in my brothers house. So I rush 2 blocks away to my sister in laws house thinking they are there.

As I approach the house running I notice there are no cars there so no one is home. As I got closer I realized that even though no one was home, through the windows I could see people standing upright in the house, one person standing still in a hallway, and one person standing still in the living room, both facing me. I get a little bit closer and the chill runs through me as I can that whoever is standing still in the hallway moved their head slightly to see me.

I turn and run as fast as I can back to my brother’s house, constantly pulling the gobs of paste out of my mouth that are keeping me from talking or yelling.

I meet up with my family and am so frightened I am unable to tell them what I heard and saw. My brother’s house has now turned into some sort of educational building, where the bedrooms are classrooms. There are paper fliers and gobs of black paste that I had been pulling out of my mouth strewn about in all the bedrooms and the hallways.

The dream begins to devolve to where I end up at a college party, where I end up grappling with a middle aged black woman who was my friend, but decided she needed to try to strangle me. In a dawn-of-the-dead racially motivated zombie frenzy, her friends began pulling at my clothes and trying to drag me to the floor. My friends came to help but only stood and watched to make sure I wasn’t killed. The dream blurs away with us making peace but deciding we were not friends anymore.

I woke up to reality thinking only one thing “I felt like I was talking to something that wasn’t just in my dream, but was in my room talking, and I interrupted it.”

My bedroom is devoid of electronics, the only thing running in there was a ceiling fan.

I then remembered the electronic sounding EVP type sounds certain ghost hunter type shows would use, aka “Voice Boxes”. Incoming static in the hopes a word or phrase can be heard. Exactly the same type of sound.

So, a little chill of the spine, a little WTF, and a little creepiness (I can still picture that person standing in my sister in laws house, like a mannequin in the middle of a room).

In what may be an unrelated event, I do recall I spent most of the night listening to my neighbors dogs bark at something in my backyard. I even got up and spent about an hour with a flashlight looking for a cat or possum that might have been milling about. I gave up when, despite standing directly in front of the dogs behind the chain link fence, they continued barking as if I wasn’t standing there at all. Now I got shades of the Night Crawler.

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