Same shit, different year…


No, not according to the Gregorian Calendar this society uses to track time… Step outside the realm of ethnocentrism and celebrate a New Year once again (who wouldn’t want multiple “New Years” in a span of a year?)

 There are a few other calendar New Years to be celebrated this year of course. The Indian people who I descend from also have calendars with “new years”, one on Feb. 2, and of course, the infamous Tzolkin calendar of the Maya Indian peoples which resets on … well I think we all know the answer to that.

The Creation of Days in the Tzolkin Maya Calendar

Where the hell have we been? Taking two months off helped Lamentor focus on “job creation”, as he will soon prove that giant, bloated, overpaid, tax favored, and bailed out corporation are as much “job creators” as they are “JOB DESTROYERS”. Plus, the job he creates can not be outsourced, and if the business plan works well, Lamentor may just hire a few other people to help with the workload.

No tax breaks, no bailouts, no legislation in my favor, no free money from the Federal Reserve, no offshore taxhavens, and best off? NO DEBT. It’s gonna be rough. Donations are welcome.

And, as we left off with our thoughts on Occupy Wall Street, skipped the entire “holiday” season which is nothing more than bloated consumerism wrapped in a thin veil of “family”, “Americana”, and religion, the LaSPodcast is back. We will be supplementing (or even replacing) our audio podcasts with HD video live shows. You will finally get to see just why Lamentor didn’t want to put his ugly mug on the Internetz.

So what hasn’t changed? I think people have already forgotten that Wall St. darling and ex New Jersey Governor John Corzine, ex GOLDMAN SACHS CEO, CEO of MF Global (yet another bankster organization) lost 1.2 BILLION of his customers money, breaking laws in the process.

I just robbed y'all of 1.2 BILLION DOLLARS! C-ya chumps!

Is he in jail? Nope. Is he awaiting trial? Nope. Has he been blacklisted from the financial industry? Nope. He Walks Free. YOU rob someone of 12 dollars and see what happens.

President Obama, when asked why none of these banksters have been put into jail for destroying the U.S. economy with well documented fraud and deceit, as well as bringing the global economy on the brink of disaster, his response was “Well, no one broke any laws.”

Of course they didn’t because the same lawmakers who write up these laws, are in the pockets of the banks. Why would they make laws that go against their campaign contributors?

Today I read an article about some ass clown who stole some bags of candy from a store, punched the undercover loss-prevention employee in the chest, and then got arrested and jailed.

Equality, or inequality? Nothing has changed.

The thief who stole and lost $1,200,000,000.00 walks free.

The thief who stole $12.00 worth of candy is locked up.

It’s going to be a long year.

Lady Justice is Dead

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