Occupy Wall Street and the Police State

L – And with a mighty thrust of the golden mayoral pen in his Billion dollar hand, Mayor Bloomberg of NY shuts down the occupation of Zucotti Park where #OccupyWallStreet has been camped out for 2 months.

No, not a victory of ideology, he didn’t argue the occupation down with logic and reason, he didn’t sit down with them and break down their stances on the inequality of power and wealth between Wall St. and Main street. Instead, he powered up his Imperial Troopers who stand ready for service to his mighty Emperorship.

Our Lords at J.P. Morgan have spoken... go forth and smash... GOOODDD... GOOOODDDD

He called out his goons in the middle of the night to remove the protestors, and in what is probably the biggest shame of it all…

He called for a MEDIA BLACKOUT.

That’s right, the freedom of press was trampled on, and as if they were somehow part of the movement, press representatives were arrested, roughed up, and had their credentials stripped off of their bodies as they tried to cover the mayhem.

Regardless of which side of the #OWS movement you are on, every American should be concerned at Bloomberg squashing the ability of the press to report on events.

Some say the press was  blacked out for “safety reasons.”


We allow press to embed themselves with ground troops in foreign wars, hostile territories, natural disasters, and other dangerous situations for the sake of freedom of information.


A sad day in America.

As if the swinging batons, pepper spray, and late night intimidation weren’t enough, the NYPD brings out it’s weapon of ear destruction in the LRAD, which is more applicable in the bloodied bullet filled streets of revolutionary Syria than in downtown New York. Whatever.

Speaking of trampling things, take a look at this sack of crap “Peace Officer” who was supposedly punching people with closed fists. Officer Mike Tyson here is unidentified, for now, but his shameful display of anger will forever be a fixture for the LaSPodcast as well as the events that took place in Zucotti park.

Watch out hippies! I'm an angry overpaid dick.... wahhhh!!

Judging by his colored ribbon pins, he must be a highly commendable peace officer, awarded for his many years of keeping the peace, by swinging his mighty fists, punching out crime while those around him cower in fear.

As he protects the interests of Billionaire Bloomberg, JP Morgan and the rest of Wall St. who funds the NYPD through donations while they continue to loot his pension fund, we can all stand proud that NYPD’s finest is making a fine example of the sleaze and deceit that Occupy Wall Street tried so hard to expose to mainstream America.

I believe the media blackout was the silent admission to the American Public that the true violent parties involved in this fiasco were the NYPD themselves, NOT the protestors.

Imagine how the cameras would have rolled if #OccupyWallStreet was a violent movement. Fox news would be all over it. Instead, the movement was peaceful, which does not make for good syndicate television or hyped up news reports.

So add Mayor Bloomberg to the shit list of the LaSPodcast, as well as Officer MeatFists above.

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