Why the LaSPodcast supports #OccupyWallStreet

No, Occupy Wall Street is not perfect.

I may not agree with EVERYTHING #OWS stands for. But I support the movement.

It is the establishments REACTION to the occupation that speaks in droves.

THEY ARE AFRAID OF THE PEOPLE. Why else would cops be macing, gassing, or shooting unarmed protesters?

Who was protecting the PEOPLE when Wall St. committed the ultimate heist in 2008 by crashing the financial markets and stripping hundreds of billions of dollars of wealth from the American people under the threat of Martial Law?

Why Lamentor flies the flag in distress on this day, with the UNION DOWN, the 31st of October, 2011:

  • Our “elected” officials no longer represent the people of this country, but represent special interest groups, corporation, banks and any other entity that funds their campaigns. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GODAMM PUBLIC SERVANTS! NOT CORPORATE SERVANTS!
  • The Supreme Court has enabled this behavior by allowing “corporations” to be considered “individuals” by law, allowing them to spend unlimited amounts of money to fund their favorite politician under the guise of “freedom of speech.”
  • This country is embroiled in multiple wars, occupations and operations in nearly every continent on this planet, draining the country of its wealth during a time of domestic crisis.
  • The mainstream media filters pertinent and important information while feeding the masses with pop culture hysteria like the Kardashians or Dancing With The Stars.
  • While the poor, middle class, and senior citizens become poorer, the rich become wealthier.
  • The latest housing bubble, fueled by the non-governmental, and non-elected-by-the-People Federal Reserve has crippled the middle class since 2008 resulting in what many economists consider the Great Depression Part 2, but what the media and government consider a simple Recession.
  • Federal Reserve policies of zero-interest rates flood banks with free money, punishing people who save, senior citizens on fixed incomes, and stifle the creation of capital.
  • Federal Reserve policies of zero-interest rates allow those who took on WAY too much debt (like home buyers), and banks who gambled taxpayer money away, to maintain their over-leveraged debt at the expense of savers, senior citizens, and taxpayers.
  • Welfare policies for the rich: tax loopholes, tax evasion, non-enforcement of SEC laws, and HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars in bailouts to failed banks, companies, and corporations squeeze the working class taxpayer now and well into the foreseeable future. All for the purpose of buying votes.
  • Welfare policies for the poor: welfare fraud, immigrant fraud, ghetto/barrio/slum generations funded by taxpayer money that turn neighborhoods into slums and fueling ghetto cultures that breeds gang violence, drug use and enable criminal activity drain the taxpayers of monies better of used for progress. Again, for the purpose of buying votes.
  • Banks collude with the government, enslaving the working class by stripping them of capital creation and making debt their only form of money.
  • Politicians call our national debt a problem of apocalyptic proportions, but have no problem allowing banks to flood the nation with debt that they know most people can’t pay back.
  • The freedom of speech stifled against those who dissent peacefully and patriotically
  • The mainstream medias (Fox, CNN, MSNBC) occupation as a propaganda tool of Wall Street, the US Government, and its international concerns poisons the minds of the country with misinformation, hype, and lies.
  • Wall Streets power grip on Congress, through campaign and other contributions, has Wall Street being richer than ever while the rest of the country suffers through high gas/oil/food prices and a deteriorating economy.
  • Wall Streets power grip on the wealth of the country, as they received sweet heart deals of free taxpayer monies, bailouts, tax breaks, and record bonuses all paid for by savers, senior citizens, and taxpayers who continue to suffer for these bailouts to this day.
  • The existence of the TSA which on a daily basis, violates personal rights under the auspices of protecting fliers from “Terrorists”.
  • The mere existence of the Patriot Act, an act rushed through Congress and passed with a standing ovation despite the fact that the representatives that voted for it did not even read the entire bill.
  • The inability for states to bypass the lack of Federal legislation by instituting their own legislation to protect their constituents and their interests
  • A cancer called bipartisan politics that decays the very structure of the country by flooding the masses with propaganda and turning neighbor against neighbor on a mere ideological level.
  • The fact that the U.S. Constitution has become a simple piece of paper, a legacy document, an archaeological artifact that is only used when it fits a politicians ideals. Otherwise it is ignored.
  • The fact that of those who caused the latest financial meltdown that’s totaled into the TRILLIONS of dollars, NOT A SINGLE PERSON has been tried or prosecuted, even though we know the name of every guilty CEO and player in the game. Yet the common man or woman guilty of minor theft can spend years in a penitentiary forever holding the albatross of felony around their neck.
  • Hundreds of Occupiers arrested all over the country for expressing their right to free speech, yet not a single arrest for the Wall St CEO’s and bankers who committed fraud that crippled the nation and put the world economy on the brink of Financial Armageddon.
  • Those who committed financial crimes against this country not only kept their jobs, but collected billions in bonuses and avoided prosecution by “settling” with the law enforcement agencies that we as taxpayers fund to protect us from such criminals.
  • Exporting inflation cripples third world countries, causing food shortages, starvation, and civil wars, a “tool” of the Federal Reserve.
  • Media blowhards like CNBC would have their viewers believe that a rising stock market means a healthy economy
  • Blowhard CNBC fails to mention that the stock market is at the same level it was 10 years ago, and adding in inflation, is actually a major loser for “long term investors” who save for retirement. It’s a win-win situation for stock traders who are nothing more than glorified government backstopped gambling psychopaths.

What will the next bullet point be? I’m sure were one idiotic government decision away from adding another… So in the meantime, we should all be good sheeple and Pledge Allegiance to the United Corporate States of America…

The American Flag circa 2011

  As we progress further along in this Depression/Recession, as we sit and watch Republicans and Democrats make a mockery of the institution of the U.S. government, as the people sit idly by, allowing the Treasury and wealth of future generations to be looted for pointless wars, never ending bank and corporation bailouts, and with a grim future staring us in the face, the list will go on and on….

The flag remains in distress...

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