Episode 7 – Facing What Consumes You

L – A fine show for a fine fall day.

Lamentor, Kickass and Cracker join forces to record another 1 hour epsisode.

What’s that you say? The episode is a month old and just posted?

Yeah, Lamentor is slow. But, Lamentor also spends HOURS per day in efforts as a “job creator” to create real & sustainable GREEN jobs.

So back off PUNK! Back off and listen!

Compare this to Corporate America who call themselves “job creators” while they continue to lay off employees. How are you a “job creator” when you destroy jobs?

Corporate America wants you to buy their products, but they won’t hire you?

America land of the broken

What ya mean my resume is lacking? I paid for your bailout bitch!

Intro Song: Hatebreed – Facing What Consumes You

Topics: Tony Baloney the cowardly women macer (give him a call) and a look at Occupy Wall Street, Jamie “The Demon” Dimon CEO of JP Morgan Chase bank purchases the NYPD, TV SUCKS, smelly tattoo artists, disgusting reality shows.

Alcohol: Elijah Craig 8 Year Bourbon…. FUCK YEAH

8 Years of TASTY

Cracker compares Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale to Shock Top Pumpkin.

GOTO the MOVE YOUR MONEY PROJECT and TAKE ACTION! (Don’t listen to the drunken rambling in the podcast about the links, we get it wrong)

1:10 of anger and comedy.

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One Response to Episode 7 – Facing What Consumes You

  1. Sgt. KiKKass says:

    At what point is the EVP??? I thought I may have heard Foochie weeping in the background……

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