Episode 6: Full Court

L – The crew is back (temporarily). Killor Mike joins us at the Butcher’s Table for a sit around.

We discuss Occupy Wall St, senior citizens, alcohol and the usual bull. Take an hour of your miserable life to listen in:

Intro Music: Metallica – Disposable Heroes

The Good Metallica era

Alcohol: Slow weekend for alcohol. A 30 year old bottle of Presidente shared between Lamentor and Kickass. Cracker drinks the hangover potion of Newcastle, and Killor abstains.

Other Topics: Cracker and Kikass hear a ghostly voice that is not picked up in the recording, Paranormal Witness Syfy show review, paranormal events, mediums/clairvoyants/mystics.

Killor talks Edgar Cayce.

I foresee.... Obama wins a 2nd term

Cracker corroborates Coral Castle. Stupid smart phones. Local UFO sighting… And on and on…

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2 Responses to Episode 6: Full Court

  1. Sgt. KiKKass says:

    WHOA…………….who’s the mouth breather? hahaha….I don’t think its me!!!!!!!

  2. lamentor says:

    Shit, I don’t think it was me. Though possibly considering I was having pre-flu respiratory irritation. I didn’t even catch the breathing during the edit. Hmm

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