Episode 4: Liqueur Overload and Rampaging

Welcome to Episode 4: We cut to the chase and start drinking immediately! One hour and 15 minutes of Liqueur induced madness.

We bid farewell to Old Man Winter with a middle finger salute, while we drink to Johnny Cash on his birthday.

Intro song: Johnny Cash – Wanted Man

Featured Alcohols: Hungarian – Zwack       USA – Evan Williams – Honey Reserve

Drink well and prosper

Fuck You! segment: Lamentor rampages against idiots who text while driving, while fending off ad-hominems  and red herrings from Krakor and Killor while Kikass sits silently. Krakor tells the rest of the podcast to Fuck Off.

Shout outs: Kristine at BevMo in Redlands, CA, Benello’s Pizza for filling our stomachs with tasty and greasy Italian food to absorb the alcohol, and John Browning and his 1911 Handguns courtesy of Killor.

Twist caps biatch

We plan a St. Patrick’s Day debauchery, wail about gas prices, puke at breast milk ice cream, question famous “lesbians” and slowly devolve into madness… Join Us

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2 Responses to Episode 4: Liqueur Overload and Rampaging

  1. Sgt. KiKKass says:

    Ha Ha Ha this is one of the best shows! Hungarian War songs and the Sacking of Rome. And soulless Eastern European girls.

  2. Sgt. KiKKass says:

    Just noticed Cracker groaning in the background at about 19:00. Groaning at Evan Williams!

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