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Numbers numbers…

L- Early today, in search of greasy, pasty fast-food gruel to satiate my intense hunger, I pull up to the drive-thru window, and they tell me to “hold on” (of course). So I roll my eyes and speak foully, when … Continue reading

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… More bad news for Southern CA

L- I finally sat down to watch the movie 2012. Meh. Ironically, the next morning, in an effort to cheer myself up, I decide to look up news stories regarding torrential area floods. Well, lo and behold, yet ANOTHER cheery … Continue reading

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Earthquake predicted…

L- So I’m in the cave, working on my truck, when one of my neighbors walks up to my driveway and greets me. “Hey buddy, I need to ask you something.” Already buzzing from a 40 oz, and after putting … Continue reading

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The path to Now

  Mourning the loss of intellect and valor Journey with us as we participate in the funeral march of mankind. Humanity decays from flesh into ash in our outstretched hands. Tears wash away nothing. Standing alone at the barren rivers … Continue reading

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