Sasquatch Surprise

Don’t you hate it when you are driving down the highway and Sasquatch makes side view mirror eye contact with you as he is chasing a deer down the lane next to you?

You do? Oh, me too!

What do you do when the deer suddenly makes a surprise suicidal sideswipe onto your front bumper and he put’s himself out of misery instead of facing the ravaging of Sasquatch’s gamey hands?

You tell the Sheriff that Sasquatch distracted you and caused you to hit the deer.


But not to knock the driver, I believe there is a “bigfoot” out there, I also believe the majority of the world lies under a large veil of deception.

If she’s lying…. “if she’s guilty, she’s….”

If she’s telling the truth, then this guy who looks to be a gorilla costume navigating scraggly rocks with an upright posture (huh?) is really part of, or the last of, an ancient world roaming species, is more than welcome to come to me in peace, so that we may understand his presence and the gap that exists between his world and ours.

Leave Sasquatch alone!

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The moon and the star… and the dogs

Just a regular Thanksgiving night followed by some beer drinking at a relative’s house while we discuss Revelation and the current state of Christianity inside of a makeshift man cave converted garage.

During the conversation I bring up a symbol I thought peculiar to be seen on a commercial business logo, a business that supposedly catered to children. It was the crescent moon and the single star combination. I spent about 6 hours the previous night (Thanksgiving eve?) looking into a very sick and bizarre topic that was quickly growing legs on the internet. This particular business whose logo include the crescent moon and star is part of a greater mystery that I wish not to get into at this time. HOWEVER, surrounding the issue is the occult, more specifically a demon god with a particular affinity for a certain type of sacrifice and offering. Veiled in code words and food symbolism, I hope this issue is resolved by the time anyone of any significance reads this post. Anyways, again, I thought it odd that this pizza parlor logo included a symbol, repeated 4 times, that I’ve seen tied to the occult.

Back to my relatives garage…. The witching hour approaches, our eyes heavy from the late hour and the stack of empty beer cans, I hop on my bike to make my 1 mile ride home through the side streets of my town. I pedal away with no sound to accompany me except the gentle hum of my beach cruiser’s rubber tires on the smooth asphalt streets. It had been windy earlier but the wind died down so I anticipate a normal, but cold, ride home. I’ve been spending a lot of time riding my bike at night. It’s sort of relaxing and peaceful being able to travel the streets without the insane traffic of a normal workday.

As I pedal down La Cadena Drive I look to my left and through the tree line I see a familiar sight: the waxing moon crescent, looking as if it was a balanced parallel to the earth. Right above it, a bright planet star, both shining through the leaves following me along, their light bright enough to hide nearby stars, so that they seem alone in their own little space in the sky. Suddenly I realize the very moon/star image I was discussing earlier and researching the previous day is now sitting in the night time sky. What are the odds…

I turn west and now the moon scene is at my back. The dead silence in the streets is heavy, I feel as if all life is frozen in a paralyzed state, except me zipping home. My breathing becomes heavier as I pedal up the constant incline that will lead me to my home. About halfway home I slow down and stop to remove my cell phone to check the time. It is just after 3:30am, and I realize that at 3:33am, my personal witching time (TBDiscussed later), I will be alone in the streets when that time hits.

Two more blocks to go. Is there some sort of meaning of me researching this crescent moon/star combo the previous night, finding in it nefarious meanings reaching out to the occult and satanism, and me discussing and seeing the exact configuration in the sky the next night during the witching hour and minutes from my particular witching time?

Thoughts of what could happen next fill my mind… will I come across a strange visitor in the night, the devil or a demon in the form of a human who will cross my path? Will I see a sign or a vision telling me it’s not all a coincidence? Will I be meeting my death by crossing paths with a car that comes out of nowhere when the clock strikes 3:33? I rarely EVER stay up this late and if I do, I rarely venture outside. This had to be a non-coincidence.

One more block to go, I pedal faster as the incline increases, and I’m sure I’ve passed the 3:33 mark but I’m not about to slow down and stop to check, I’m on a roll. My adrenaline begins to surge and I pedal even more faster, my alcohol thinned blood coursing through my body as my lungs breathe in sharp cold air to their capacity. Being a distance runner I always save my energy for the final surge and this time is no different, I’m at full speed. Suddenly I hear growling and as I look to my right I see an open fenced gate and hear the noise of claws digging into the concrete driveway rapidly

I look down and behind me and there are three dogs, one white, one black, and one golden tan. The tan one is growling viciously while sprinting towards my rear tire quickly taking the dog lead. My speed gave me an advantage once they decided to charge, but they were all quickly gaining ground. The white dog had curly hair, and his sprinting gallop made him look like he was more about enjoying the chase rather than trying to kill me. The black dog trailed behind him, as if he was just about following the lead of the white dog. Another glance at the white dog and his curly tail seemed to be wagging as if he was having fun. But the tan one, he was intent on the kill.

His guttural growl was like nothing I’ve heard from a dog before, as if it was coming from deep within his bowels. I could see his teeth baring preparing the bite surge as he got closer to my legs. Funny, I don’t ever remember seeing these dogs on this street, which I pass through on my bike or on my runs multiple times a week. Now I’m pedaling this one speed bike as fast as I can as the road incline continued to increase. Suddenly the brown demon sprints past me, now he’s even with the front of my bike and I can see him inching towards my bike and my leg, as if he was preparing to turn his body and put himself in direct contact with my ankle. I’ve been chased by dog’s many times, but this is the first time I’ve seen a dog pass me intentionally. The others attain their speed to nip at my rear tire or my ankle, never passing that point.

Suddenly his growling stops and I realize he is now focusing all his energy on the bite. He jerks his head sideways to gauge his bite potential. I swerve to the left and he swerves. I begin to swerve left and right but I run out of room as the narrow street was full of cars parked on both sides of the curb. I lost him for a few seconds with the swerve but he charges past me again in another attempt. I pass the corner house, a house with two giant and paranoid german shepherds who always huddle next to the chain link gate, and who when I usually pass the house, erupt in a loud series of barks that sound like they echoed from the bottom of hell. I can see that we are going so fast that the german shepherds didn’t even notice us as they lay flat on the ground, not even raising a head to see what was going on.

The street ends as I swing to the left onto my street and up another incline. I’ve gained a few feet on him thanks to the turn and he begins to slow down realizing he does not know where he is at. He disappears behind me and I reach my gate after about 50 feet. I figure he has turned back around to admit defeat and return home as I am once again met with the night time silence of the witching hour, no clattering claws, growls or barks.

I open my gate and in a flash I hear the claws digging into the asphalt again. I can not see the street level because of all the cars parked next to the curb. The growling gets closer and before I can close my gate and secure my safety I see all three dogs once again grouped together and sprinting towards me. It seems the two slow dogs finally caught up with the brown one and the decided on a second charge. They are sprinting so fast they actually pass me, stop, and then charge as they maneuver between my car and truck. This time they all charge at once from different spots. I am not yet behind my gate so I grab my beach cruiser, raise it high into the air and act as if I’m going to slam it down on them. The brown dog lurches back, growling intensely, and the other two dart away from me but keep constant eye contact. I take a step forward, pounding my boot on the sidewalk and raise the bike again and this time growl back at them. Now my bike is a shield that I could easily wack them with if they decide to attack. They regroup and sprint off down the street, and disappear into the night as they make the right hand turn onto their home street. As they turn the corner I can almost see the white curly dog jump playfully onto the tan one. They once again pass the german shepherd guard dogs and this time they must have heard their hunting brethren run by as they bark loudly into the night at the commotion.

I go to my backyard and take a digital picture of the symbol that on the night of Thanksgiving, 2016, during the witching hour, manifested itself to me in the sky. I use my star app to identify the single bright star as Jupiter. I get very slight deja vu that I had heard someone mention this particular moon/star combo appearing at some point but I can’t recall if they attributed any meaning to it. The german shepherds are barking so loud from down the street it sounds like they would drown out the sound of someone approaching me from the shadows, so I venture back inside. An odd feeling that I would look outside to my front yard and see three people standing in the street outside my house  overcame me, so I blocked the urge to peek through my curtains, which I have a bad habit of doing at night.

I fish through my notes and find my earlier reference to the crescent moon/star combination in the occult. It is found on the well known drawing of the goat/man figure Baphomet, the white crescent moon hovering above his right hand and the star on his forehead. It is also found on certain flags of Islam and strangely I seem to recall similar marking on ‘wizard’ hats I remember seeing from Disney cartoons as well from a local library that used to have educational events for kids, run by a ‘wizard’ with pointy hat filled with crescent moons and stars. Beyond Baphomet, anything nefarious?

4:34 am I go outside in my backyard to see if anything has changed with the sky. I can hear dogs barking off in the distance as I once again point my star app into the sky. I hear roosters in the distance as well. Not feeling comfortable with what could be outside with me in the night, I stand about 3 feet outside of my open door ready to sprint back inside. As I configure the star app I hear the rooster crow again, this time it sounded like a cock a doodle doo mixed with an evil laugh and it came from a different area than the first set of crows. I look into the pitch black darkness that my fruit trees cast as they block any street lights from lighting my yard and a cold chill runs down my spine. I head back inside and call it a night.

I record this in the case I can make some sense of it all in the future.



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Patriotic Rise from the dusty and rancid ashes

Holy shit it’s been 5 years. So much has gone on since the last LaS podcast and blog post. The podcast has gone the way of American sanity (vaporized), and I cough from the dust and decay of the LaS show in general as I struggle to find my login password for WordPress. In a matter of seconds of re-discovering this blog I instantly flash back to the alcohol soaked days of the past. Hangovers begone.

LaS (pronounced L, A, S, not lass) was borne of the terrors of Lamentor’s lay off from a well paying yet completely unfulfilling job in America’s dying (if not already dead) manufacturing industry, his penchant for fine and un-fine liquor store alcohols, Wall Street’s successful capture of the U.S. government and economy, as well as the presence of Lamentor’s associates who bothered him on weekends, who were immediately forced to contribute their vapid and nicotine charred thoughts to the podcast. Occupy Wall Street (which we supported at the time until it became compromised) fizzled away and the banks looted and stole from the Treasury and YOU the fucking American taxpayer, and they got away with it with a smile on their face. The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet shot into the Trillions (giving the illusion the economy recovered.)

Many of the same names (Blankfein, Dimon, et al) mentioned in those days are still around, still profiting off of the backs of the American worker, still being worshiped by the stock market, and still NOT rotting in a fucking Turkish jail cell with other terrorists where they belong.

The vocal podcast members have since gone their separate ways. One member now sails the seven Spanish seas incinerating septic cords of nicotine delight seeking enlightenment and purpose, all the while owning, crashing, and burning up Ford brand jalopies as sacrifices to Molech, knowing full well he should have retained his Chevy C1500 chariot to fight off the demon horde. Another contributor has bore offspring, raising barn and pistols into the air, successfully securing employment forming tins and other earthly metals in the accordance with the will of mighty Azazel of the fallen ones. Another has found purpose chasing millennial pasty vixen sprites and wastewater runoff violations into the drains of depravity and sadness hoping Armaros the fallen one will soon remove his curse. And the most obvious of the salty lot has found granule sands of solace, in the company of drunken Bacchus, drowning in seas of the spirits of malt and barley while searching for the best and latest in Swedish Death Metal on YouTube.

In the spirit and soul of the original LaS podcast and mission, here is the updated Fuck You list for 2016:



  • Fuck the Establishment
  • Fuck Globalism
  • Fuck Wall Street
  • Fuck and END the Federal Reserve
  • Fuck the New World Order
  • Fuck your inbred bloodlines
  • Fuck the Clinton/Bush establishment
  • Fuck MENA intervention
  • Fuck foreign and domestic Lobbyists
  • Fuck the Mainstream Media (CNN, Fox, CNBC, MSNBC, etc.)
  • Fuck government corruption
  • Secure America’s fucking borders
  • Fuck the NSA
  • Fuck the TSA
  • Fuck fear of the Government, they are our Public Servants
  • Fuck foreign occupations, Congress Declare War or Get the FUCK OUT
  • Fuck you sappy snowflakes and those you have programmed you

Here’s the long live list:

  • Long live Freedom
  • Long live the USA as a Constitutional Republic based on Democratic principles
  • Long live the rule of Law, enforce it or fuck off
  • Long live peace among the incompatible as we strive to mend our differences
  • Long live the Constitution, free speech, right to bear arms, freedom of the press and religion
  • Long live the USA
  • Long live the Free Press and the Independent Media
  • Long live hot chicks

If I ‘triggered’ any fucking snowflake with the above list: GOOD. I laugh at your trembling tears as they water the dry ground this country was based on.

Re-evaluate your knowledge base and sources. Waving the American flag shouldn’t be a ‘trigger’ event, nor should the chant of “USA, USA!”If it is, you did something wrong and you should fucking fix it. It’s not up to me and I shouldn’t have to pay for it. Follow the fucking rules. If you decide not to, prepare to live in a land where you will be singled out and no more protected by the Obamas and the liberals poisoning this nation.

LaS Lamentor got triggered into returning to blog posts. I’m just getting started mother fuckers.

I’ve got shit I never even thought of 5 years ago: bible prophecies, aliens, flying saucers, dreams (well more to contribute), telepathy, fallen angels, visions, numerology. I’ve decided LaS will be my outlet for it all. If I can get the ashy stank remnants of the LaS Podcast crew we might just put some audio together but that’s doubtful considering we all despise our own company and our fluoride soaked brains have made us pretty much incompatible, unintelligible, incomprehensible (and hopefully not incontinent).

Stay and Strive FREE MotherFuckers, say it LOUD and FREE.


The eagle still flies







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Need dream interpreted…

L – (5 years ago in 2010/11 I wrote this. I publish it now as it has been sitting in the Draft box and I completely forgot about this dream) In episode 3 we talked about some of the weird dreams we have experienced, recurring or not, including getting shot by taxi drivers and planes falling out of the sky.

So I got another one that gave me the chills when I woke up this morning. Cue dream time…

My family is visiting my brother at his home in Mississippi. His wife drove out with us to see him (which means she was staying with us in California, see how this make no sense already). The house he is staying in and we are visiting is about two blocks from his wife’s house. (In reality, they own only one house.)

The first night we are there I sleep in a bedroom that turns out to be my old bedroom at my parent’s house (transported 3,000 miles away somehow). As I’m laying in bed to sleep I see a spider on the wall, about the size of a black widow but more like a wolf spider. It crawls up its web which reaches to the corner of the room. As it moves up the web I notice there are tiny baby spiders all around it crawling around. Eventually they circle the spider and begin to spin around it, as if they were orbiting it.

I then hear a voice say “Hurry up and come, or you are going to be late”. It was a voice that seemed to be coming from inside my closet. I turn my head to focus and hear it again, this time it’s louder but it sounds like an electronic recording. I get up and stare at the closet, I hear the recording again, emotionless and cold “Hurry up and come, or you are going to be late”. I try to speak but I can’t, nothing is coming out of my mouth, my vocal chords are frozen. I slide open the closet door.

The voice stops midway through its sentence, as if it heard me open the door. Silence. There is nothing in the closet and I began to paralyze in fear. I know its there but I can’t see it. I try to speak again but find that this time my mouth is full of what feels like peanut butter. I mutter the words “Who are you” but they are muffled. I reach into my mouth and pull out a giant gob of what seems to be paste and try again.

“Who are you” I voiced louder but still muffled. I get a response in the cold electronic voice…


I pull another gob of paste out of my mouth and utter more clearly “WHO ARE YOU!” my voice still raspy as I can feel my vocal chords tighten keeping me from speaking loudly.

Response: “Uh…”

In a strange dream/reality revelation, I realized (in my dream) that I was dreaming. However, in my dream state, I realized that what I had heard in my dream was actually occurring in my real bedroom as I slept. I could not wake up and so my dream continued…

In a completely frightened panic I rush out of my dream bedroom and run out to tell my family. They are no where to be found in my brothers house. So I rush 2 blocks away to my sister in laws house thinking they are there.

As I approach the house running I notice there are no cars there so no one is home. As I got closer I realized that even though no one was home, through the windows I could see people standing upright in the house, one person standing still in a hallway, and one person standing still in the living room, both facing me. I get a little bit closer and the chill runs through me as I can that whoever is standing still in the hallway moved their head slightly to see me.

I turn and run as fast as I can back to my brother’s house, constantly pulling the gobs of paste out of my mouth that are keeping me from talking or yelling.

I meet up with my family and am so frightened I am unable to tell them what I heard and saw. My brother’s house has now turned into some sort of educational building, where the bedrooms are classrooms. There are paper fliers and gobs of black paste that I had been pulling out of my mouth strewn about in all the bedrooms and the hallways.

The dream begins to devolve to where I end up at a college party, where I end up grappling with a middle aged black woman who was my friend, but decided she needed to try to strangle me. In a dawn-of-the-dead racially motivated zombie frenzy, her friends began pulling at my clothes and trying to drag me to the floor. My friends came to help but only stood and watched to make sure I wasn’t killed. The dream blurs away with us making peace but deciding we were not friends anymore.

I woke up to reality thinking only one thing “I felt like I was talking to something that wasn’t just in my dream, but was in my room talking, and I interrupted it.”

My bedroom is devoid of electronics, the only thing running in there was a ceiling fan.

I then remembered the electronic sounding EVP type sounds certain ghost hunter type shows would use, aka “Voice Boxes”. Incoming static in the hopes a word or phrase can be heard. Exactly the same type of sound.

So, a little chill of the spine, a little WTF, and a little creepiness (I can still picture that person standing in my sister in laws house, like a mannequin in the middle of a room).

In what may be an unrelated event, I do recall I spent most of the night listening to my neighbors dogs bark at something in my backyard. I even got up and spent about an hour with a flashlight looking for a cat or possum that might have been milling about. I gave up when, despite standing directly in front of the dogs behind the chain link fence, they continued barking as if I wasn’t standing there at all. Now I got shades of the Night Crawler.

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Same shit, different year…


No, not according to the Gregorian Calendar this society uses to track time… Step outside the realm of ethnocentrism and celebrate a New Year once again (who wouldn’t want multiple “New Years” in a span of a year?)

 There are a few other calendar New Years to be celebrated this year of course. The Indian people who I descend from also have calendars with “new years”, one on Feb. 2, and of course, the infamous Tzolkin calendar of the Maya Indian peoples which resets on … well I think we all know the answer to that.

The Creation of Days in the Tzolkin Maya Calendar

Where the hell have we been? Taking two months off helped Lamentor focus on “job creation”, as he will soon prove that giant, bloated, overpaid, tax favored, and bailed out corporation are as much “job creators” as they are “JOB DESTROYERS”. Plus, the job he creates can not be outsourced, and if the business plan works well, Lamentor may just hire a few other people to help with the workload.

No tax breaks, no bailouts, no legislation in my favor, no free money from the Federal Reserve, no offshore taxhavens, and best off? NO DEBT. It’s gonna be rough. Donations are welcome.

And, as we left off with our thoughts on Occupy Wall Street, skipped the entire “holiday” season which is nothing more than bloated consumerism wrapped in a thin veil of “family”, “Americana”, and religion, the LaSPodcast is back. We will be supplementing (or even replacing) our audio podcasts with HD video live shows. You will finally get to see just why Lamentor didn’t want to put his ugly mug on the Internetz.

So what hasn’t changed? I think people have already forgotten that Wall St. darling and ex New Jersey Governor John Corzine, ex GOLDMAN SACHS CEO, CEO of MF Global (yet another bankster organization) lost 1.2 BILLION of his customers money, breaking laws in the process.

I just robbed y'all of 1.2 BILLION DOLLARS! C-ya chumps!

Is he in jail? Nope. Is he awaiting trial? Nope. Has he been blacklisted from the financial industry? Nope. He Walks Free. YOU rob someone of 12 dollars and see what happens.

President Obama, when asked why none of these banksters have been put into jail for destroying the U.S. economy with well documented fraud and deceit, as well as bringing the global economy on the brink of disaster, his response was “Well, no one broke any laws.”

Of course they didn’t because the same lawmakers who write up these laws, are in the pockets of the banks. Why would they make laws that go against their campaign contributors?

Today I read an article about some ass clown who stole some bags of candy from a store, punched the undercover loss-prevention employee in the chest, and then got arrested and jailed.

Equality, or inequality? Nothing has changed.

The thief who stole and lost $1,200,000,000.00 walks free.

The thief who stole $12.00 worth of candy is locked up.

It’s going to be a long year.

Lady Justice is Dead

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Occupy Wall Street and the Police State

L – And with a mighty thrust of the golden mayoral pen in his Billion dollar hand, Mayor Bloomberg of NY shuts down the occupation of Zucotti Park where #OccupyWallStreet has been camped out for 2 months.

No, not a victory of ideology, he didn’t argue the occupation down with logic and reason, he didn’t sit down with them and break down their stances on the inequality of power and wealth between Wall St. and Main street. Instead, he powered up his Imperial Troopers who stand ready for service to his mighty Emperorship.

Our Lords at J.P. Morgan have spoken... go forth and smash... GOOODDD... GOOOODDDD

He called out his goons in the middle of the night to remove the protestors, and in what is probably the biggest shame of it all…

He called for a MEDIA BLACKOUT.

That’s right, the freedom of press was trampled on, and as if they were somehow part of the movement, press representatives were arrested, roughed up, and had their credentials stripped off of their bodies as they tried to cover the mayhem.

Regardless of which side of the #OWS movement you are on, every American should be concerned at Bloomberg squashing the ability of the press to report on events.

Some say the press was  blacked out for “safety reasons.”


We allow press to embed themselves with ground troops in foreign wars, hostile territories, natural disasters, and other dangerous situations for the sake of freedom of information.


A sad day in America.

As if the swinging batons, pepper spray, and late night intimidation weren’t enough, the NYPD brings out it’s weapon of ear destruction in the LRAD, which is more applicable in the bloodied bullet filled streets of revolutionary Syria than in downtown New York. Whatever.

Speaking of trampling things, take a look at this sack of crap “Peace Officer” who was supposedly punching people with closed fists. Officer Mike Tyson here is unidentified, for now, but his shameful display of anger will forever be a fixture for the LaSPodcast as well as the events that took place in Zucotti park.

Watch out hippies! I'm an angry overpaid dick.... wahhhh!!

Judging by his colored ribbon pins, he must be a highly commendable peace officer, awarded for his many years of keeping the peace, by swinging his mighty fists, punching out crime while those around him cower in fear.

As he protects the interests of Billionaire Bloomberg, JP Morgan and the rest of Wall St. who funds the NYPD through donations while they continue to loot his pension fund, we can all stand proud that NYPD’s finest is making a fine example of the sleaze and deceit that Occupy Wall Street tried so hard to expose to mainstream America.

I believe the media blackout was the silent admission to the American Public that the true violent parties involved in this fiasco were the NYPD themselves, NOT the protestors.

Imagine how the cameras would have rolled if #OccupyWallStreet was a violent movement. Fox news would be all over it. Instead, the movement was peaceful, which does not make for good syndicate television or hyped up news reports.

So add Mayor Bloomberg to the shit list of the LaSPodcast, as well as Officer MeatFists above.

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Why the LaSPodcast supports #OccupyWallStreet

No, Occupy Wall Street is not perfect.

I may not agree with EVERYTHING #OWS stands for. But I support the movement.

It is the establishments REACTION to the occupation that speaks in droves.

THEY ARE AFRAID OF THE PEOPLE. Why else would cops be macing, gassing, or shooting unarmed protesters?

Who was protecting the PEOPLE when Wall St. committed the ultimate heist in 2008 by crashing the financial markets and stripping hundreds of billions of dollars of wealth from the American people under the threat of Martial Law?

Why Lamentor flies the flag in distress on this day, with the UNION DOWN, the 31st of October, 2011:

  • Our “elected” officials no longer represent the people of this country, but represent special interest groups, corporation, banks and any other entity that funds their campaigns. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GODAMM PUBLIC SERVANTS! NOT CORPORATE SERVANTS!
  • The Supreme Court has enabled this behavior by allowing “corporations” to be considered “individuals” by law, allowing them to spend unlimited amounts of money to fund their favorite politician under the guise of “freedom of speech.”
  • This country is embroiled in multiple wars, occupations and operations in nearly every continent on this planet, draining the country of its wealth during a time of domestic crisis.
  • The mainstream media filters pertinent and important information while feeding the masses with pop culture hysteria like the Kardashians or Dancing With The Stars.
  • While the poor, middle class, and senior citizens become poorer, the rich become wealthier.
  • The latest housing bubble, fueled by the non-governmental, and non-elected-by-the-People Federal Reserve has crippled the middle class since 2008 resulting in what many economists consider the Great Depression Part 2, but what the media and government consider a simple Recession.
  • Federal Reserve policies of zero-interest rates flood banks with free money, punishing people who save, senior citizens on fixed incomes, and stifle the creation of capital.
  • Federal Reserve policies of zero-interest rates allow those who took on WAY too much debt (like home buyers), and banks who gambled taxpayer money away, to maintain their over-leveraged debt at the expense of savers, senior citizens, and taxpayers.
  • Welfare policies for the rich: tax loopholes, tax evasion, non-enforcement of SEC laws, and HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars in bailouts to failed banks, companies, and corporations squeeze the working class taxpayer now and well into the foreseeable future. All for the purpose of buying votes.
  • Welfare policies for the poor: welfare fraud, immigrant fraud, ghetto/barrio/slum generations funded by taxpayer money that turn neighborhoods into slums and fueling ghetto cultures that breeds gang violence, drug use and enable criminal activity drain the taxpayers of monies better of used for progress. Again, for the purpose of buying votes.
  • Banks collude with the government, enslaving the working class by stripping them of capital creation and making debt their only form of money.
  • Politicians call our national debt a problem of apocalyptic proportions, but have no problem allowing banks to flood the nation with debt that they know most people can’t pay back.
  • The freedom of speech stifled against those who dissent peacefully and patriotically
  • The mainstream medias (Fox, CNN, MSNBC) occupation as a propaganda tool of Wall Street, the US Government, and its international concerns poisons the minds of the country with misinformation, hype, and lies.
  • Wall Streets power grip on Congress, through campaign and other contributions, has Wall Street being richer than ever while the rest of the country suffers through high gas/oil/food prices and a deteriorating economy.
  • Wall Streets power grip on the wealth of the country, as they received sweet heart deals of free taxpayer monies, bailouts, tax breaks, and record bonuses all paid for by savers, senior citizens, and taxpayers who continue to suffer for these bailouts to this day.
  • The existence of the TSA which on a daily basis, violates personal rights under the auspices of protecting fliers from “Terrorists”.
  • The mere existence of the Patriot Act, an act rushed through Congress and passed with a standing ovation despite the fact that the representatives that voted for it did not even read the entire bill.
  • The inability for states to bypass the lack of Federal legislation by instituting their own legislation to protect their constituents and their interests
  • A cancer called bipartisan politics that decays the very structure of the country by flooding the masses with propaganda and turning neighbor against neighbor on a mere ideological level.
  • The fact that the U.S. Constitution has become a simple piece of paper, a legacy document, an archaeological artifact that is only used when it fits a politicians ideals. Otherwise it is ignored.
  • The fact that of those who caused the latest financial meltdown that’s totaled into the TRILLIONS of dollars, NOT A SINGLE PERSON has been tried or prosecuted, even though we know the name of every guilty CEO and player in the game. Yet the common man or woman guilty of minor theft can spend years in a penitentiary forever holding the albatross of felony around their neck.
  • Hundreds of Occupiers arrested all over the country for expressing their right to free speech, yet not a single arrest for the Wall St CEO’s and bankers who committed fraud that crippled the nation and put the world economy on the brink of Financial Armageddon.
  • Those who committed financial crimes against this country not only kept their jobs, but collected billions in bonuses and avoided prosecution by “settling” with the law enforcement agencies that we as taxpayers fund to protect us from such criminals.
  • Exporting inflation cripples third world countries, causing food shortages, starvation, and civil wars, a “tool” of the Federal Reserve.
  • Media blowhards like CNBC would have their viewers believe that a rising stock market means a healthy economy
  • Blowhard CNBC fails to mention that the stock market is at the same level it was 10 years ago, and adding in inflation, is actually a major loser for “long term investors” who save for retirement. It’s a win-win situation for stock traders who are nothing more than glorified government backstopped gambling psychopaths.

What will the next bullet point be? I’m sure were one idiotic government decision away from adding another… So in the meantime, we should all be good sheeple and Pledge Allegiance to the United Corporate States of America…

The American Flag circa 2011

  As we progress further along in this Depression/Recession, as we sit and watch Republicans and Democrats make a mockery of the institution of the U.S. government, as the people sit idly by, allowing the Treasury and wealth of future generations to be looted for pointless wars, never ending bank and corporation bailouts, and with a grim future staring us in the face, the list will go on and on….

The flag remains in distress...

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